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    Children must be healthy to be educated, and must be educated to be healthy.
    Health Services staff strive to create and sustain environments that are physically and emotionally safe, vital to promoting student academic success and healthy, resilient youth.


    The major focus of school health services is the achievement of optimal health,
    with prevention of illness and disability through early detection and correction of
    health problems. The Health Services staff is committed to promoting and
    establishing the following conditions for all students:


     *Access to an appropriate education in a safe and welcoming environment

    *Active student participation in managing their chronic health conditions

    *Participation in comprehensive health education programs

    *Demonstration of the ability to practice appropriate health-enhancing

    *Regular school attendance in optimum health and ready to

    *Utilization of appropriate community healthcare resources


    • School Nursing Services
    • School-based Occupational Therapy Services
    • School-based Physical Therapy Services
    • Immunization Clinic
    • Community Health Referrals
    • Health Education
    • School Health Advisory Council
    • LEA and MAA Medi-Cal Programs
    • School Safety and Emergency Preparedness
    • Employee Health Services


Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Julie Ferebee, RN, PHN, MeD Director 661.789.6718
Amanda Alvarado Administrative Secretary 661.789.6718
Artie Chang Bilingual Administrative Clerk II 661.789.6719
Candice James, RN, BSN School Nurse 661.789.6720
Carol Smith, RN, PHN, BS-HS, MS-HRCC School Nurse 661.789.6721
Cindy Widdison, RN, BSN School Nurse 661.789.6722
Elaine Hooker, RN, PHN, CNS, MSN School Nurse 661.789.6724
Helen Frederickson MSN, PNP, PHN, RN School Nurse 661.274.0849
Lourdes Morgan, RN School Nurse 661.273.4710
Michelle Carrigan, RN, BSN, PHN School Nurse 661.789.6728
Monika Talley, RN, BSN School Nurse 661.789.6729
Raquel Mackay, RN, BSN School Nurse 661.789.6730
Sandra Gardner, RN, PHN, BSN School Nurse 661.789.6731
Shelly Jefferson, RN, BSMS School Nurse 661.789.6727
Diana Tirado, LVN LVN Health Technician 661.789.6723
Bernadette Adkins, LVN LVN Health Technician 661.789.6766
Ian David, LVN LVN Health Technician 661.789.6725
Shirin Khosraviani, OTR/L Occupational Therapist 661.789.6726