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  • From the Desk of the Principal
    Dr. Conteh


    Thank you so much for selecting me to become a member of the Instructional Leadership Team at Buena Vista Elementary. I am excited for this opportunity and responsibility to serve Buena Vista Elementary in this capacity as principal. When it comes to leadership, the core values I hold and promote includes; leading with a shared vision and shared accountability, integrity and honesty, fairness and equity, utilizing shared decision making process to encourage buy-in from all stakeholders, empathy, celebrate successes and “talking the talk, and walking the talk”.

    I will continue the tradition of encouraging strong parent and community partnerships by encouraging parents to participate in the different committees, School Site Council, ELAC, PTA and additionally as room parents. As we all know the more involved parents are in their students learning, the better the chances are for those students to graduate high school and be college bound.

    I strongly believe that the days are gone when the heroic leader will fly in to save the day. If that is true, then the need for leadership to be distributed laterally amongst all stakeholders is dire. As a team of leaders we will continue to build on the successes that already exist by promoting students’ academic excellence through collaboration, coherence, high expectations and shared accountability.

    In getting all of our students college prepared and be ready to compete in 21st century global economy, making them digital citizens begins at Buena Vista Elementary. The research shows that there are few minority students and girls who are involved in science and technology in higher institutions of learning. Working collaboratively we can make a difference by integrating science, technology, engineering, arts and math which aligns to Dimension 1 of the Next Generation Science Standards. This shift in learning will make instruction dynamic and rigorous. It will not only create inspired learners, but critical thinkers and problem solvers. Additionally utilizing the blended learning model and technology in our classrooms will transform classrooms especially when teachers use digital tools to experiment, create, and bolster learning.

    Data is very important in making informed decisions with regards to the instructional program or school budget. As team of dedicated and conscientious life-long learners we will utilize multiple sources of data to identify and design instructional strategies to address educational benefit for all students. With reference to developing the school budget, it will be done through a collaborative process involving all stakeholders.

    This year is going to be a great year and I look forward to working collaboratively with teachers, parents and students to create a “Panda Team Spirit” learning environment that is safe, nurturing, and inspiring.